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* To tackle unemployment and inequalities in employment the Community Pathways element of the programme will ensure concerted action in three of the most deprived neighbourhoods in Newham to enable them to benefit fully from new developments and employment opportunities. The priority areas are Canning Town & Custom House, North Woolwich & Silvertown and Manor Park.

The programme will allow for the creation of many new services and so far the projects below have been allocated funding to deliver training and employment programmes in Pathway areas:

LEENS - (Local Employment and Enterprise Networks)
Regeneration and Partnerships, LBN
Paul Williams, Pathways to Employment Officer,
020 8430 3161

Local networks focusing on pathways to work have been set up in pathway areas to bring together community groups, agencies, businesses and residents to look at issues and barriers to employment.

Excel Learning and Development Centre
Regeneration and Partnerships, LBN
Jane Sherwood, Access to Jobs
020 8430 2905

Through working with Excel and partner companies the project will upskill local people up to NVQ Levels 3-5 or equivalent to ensure they can adapt to changing demands in employment and progress to supervisory and/or management level positions.

IT to You
Computer Gym
The Courtyard, 27a High Street, Thames Ditton
KT7 OSD Surrey
Mireille Kennedy - Project Director
020 8224 6444

An independently run, mobile IT resource service that provides access to computer training for residents on estates and community venues in Newham. The Gym helps adults and young people to improve their literacy and numeracy skills through access to information technology.

Youth Action Project
Community Links
105 Barking Road, Canning Town E16 4HQ
Kevin Jenkins - Project Director 020 7473 2270

A programme of targetted youth work to enhance the employment prospects, education and skills of local people.

LETS Customised and Targeted Training
Through keeping up-to-date with the employment market LETS will be tailoring its training courses to the demand for skills not represented in the local community.

Newham Community Learning Grid
1 Kingsford Way, Beckton, E6 5JQ
Steve Cameron - Head of Community

NEWCEYS are equipping and re-equipping local community and training centres and local schools with new IT/ICT facilities.

Newham Education Business Partnership
322 High Street, London, E15 1AJ.
Lisa Copley - Project Manager

The project provides an innovative mentoring programme via IT and the web, linking students electronically to mentors from the local community, business and university.

Tackling Health Barriers to Employment
Healthworks Newham
Alice Billings House
2-12 West Ham Lane, London E15 4SF.
Rachel Ashworth - 020 8557 6161

The project helps to overcome health barriers to employment through:
  • The rehabilitation of unemployed people to return to work
  • Reducing occupational health barriers for those of working age who have been injured or in danger of occupational ill-health
  • Information service to small businesses to promote a safe and healthy environment

Watermen & Lightermen Apprenticeship
The Phillip Henman Foundation
16 St.Mary at Hill, Waterman's Hall,
London EC3R 8EF
Carol Ratcliffe - 020 7283 2373

An apprenticeship scheme that will train a small group of 16-25 year olds to become licensed Watermen and Lightermen. It involves certified training and job placements with companies whilst training.

Canning Town Youth Action Project
Community Links
105 Barking Road, Canning Town, E16 4HQ
Kevin Jenkins - 020 7473 2270

The Youth House team recruit young people from all backgrounds and ages to engage them in specifically designed programmes that address the individual obstacles that hinder them from pursuing full-time work, education and training. The project will focus on the priority community areas.

Peabody-e-prentice programme
Peabody Trust
45 Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7JB
Julie Cotton - 020 7922 5701

A computer engineering training programme for 16-19 years olds of the North Woolwich and Silvertown Community Forum area, consisting of a 6 month intensive training scheme based at the Digital Learning Ring in West Silvertown, followed by a 6 month work placement in industry.

Weston Spirit
Weston Spirit Membership Programme
141 Newham Way, Canning Town, E16 4EG
Maxine Willetts - 020 7476 9303

A 6 month personal and social development programme aimed at young socially excluded people aged 14 - 25 who are at risk of offending. The project is delivered from locations within the community forum areas.

Manor Park Training and Business Support
Newham College of Further Education
Samee Mian Business Manager - East Ham Campus, High Street South, East Ham, E6 4ER - 020 8257 4005

The project will train and assist unemployed people to start their own businesses or find employment for people in Canning Town & Custom House, North Woolwich & Silvertown and Manor Park.

Families @ Canning Town
Family Welfare Association
St.Luke's Community Centre, Unit 13, St.Luke's Business Centre, E16 1HN
Anne Crisp - 020 7366 6307
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